Sharow Sharks Clean Up Day!


We call it ‘Ground Clean Up Day’ some call it CricketForce and others just call it a normal weekend of sorting YOUR cricket club out in preperation for the new season. As you can see the club are well on their way to getting sorted for the season opener against local team Studley Royal, where numerous players at the club have plyed their trade at some point.

Clem and Stu have made an impressive start to the square and the track area. With a weeks drying (one hopes), rolling and cutting it could be a great season opening track that will really highlight where the club are intending to go over the next few seasons. Let’s hope they can produce the belters of two or three years ago as they take a bit of pride in thier work. With future news (TBC!) coming next Saturday, hopefully our wicket and square will be one of the best in the area.


Chris has put in some great effort to sort out the outfield, back to its best. Eric Monk and his mate Paul have fixed the flatbed Kabota (which has been out of action for near a seaon!) Allowing for a really clean cut in what was getting pretty long grass – as can be seen in Chris’ handy work above. Ian HIlton has been giving the outfield a roll which again, we hope can only benefit the playing area for the club. Again, with Chris in charge of the outfield – we hope that the ground will be resplendant for teams arriving down at Shark Park. Hopefully inticing new players to join the club, or old players to take up the mantle.


Finally, as always (Lofty and Damo putting in the graft…) The net area. Thanks to Aviva funding we are fortunate in that we now have the cricket nets (provided by Net World Sports) to go up. We have the matting (green) and finishing (blue) that will be ‘properly’ put down in the August holidays. Until then we can use it as a normal hard base net area. We await Concrete 4 U, kindly donating a tonne of concrete to fill in an area that wasn’t laid properly when the original work was done, and that Trev has kindly drilled up for us. Seeing the net area finished will be fantastic for all involved at the club.

We hope, over this season to really push for honours in all forms of our cricket. We hope teams that come to Sharow enjoy the hospitality on offer and that those teams ground sharing with us this year, can see what a great club and ground we have, that has been unfortunate in recent times. We plan to continue to seek sponsorship from local companies to assist in purchasing and reaching our ultimate ‘club’ aims, and these are:

* New Sqaure Mower

* Fencing around the field with black mesh lining

* Covers

As a club we hope over this Summer to complete the following jobs – if not, September 2016:

* Monk’s mound dug out and earth levelled and seeded. Soil to be used back in the ground or areas that need levelling and seeding.

* Relay some of the paving outside of the Village Hall

* Fix and sort the exisiting compost heap

* Sell and/or fix ground equipment

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