Half Way Point

Alot has happened down at Shark Park so far this season. Alot of it is very regrettable but for the development of the club we must take backwards steps to move forward.

For your further understanding the club have made a decision to fold its Saturday 2nd XI side as well as it’s two Wednesday T20 evening sides that both played in the Nidderdale and Harrogate Evening League respectively.

The reasons for folding these sides are due to losing players to work, to retirement/ giving up the game, and to players moving to pastures new. To some it could be seen as some players just became apathetic to the cause and that is unfortunately their decision to make. Alas, such is life and the Sharks will hopefully become stronger for it.

As the club has downsized in its playing teams on the field, of the field the club have been succesful in gaining an Aviva fundraising grant for £1,000 which will finish the cricket nets. A new engine has been bought for the roller and thanks to Mr Monk some of the clubs tractors have been refurbished and sorted. The club also recieved a JEWSON grant for £450 which has allowed us to purchase a new strimmer for the edging around the ground as well as paint in preperation for the club clean up days.

We have been given sponsorship for £150 from MKM in materials for the fencing around the ground – we will hope that this sponsor is kind enough to sponsor us again so we can fence of the whole of the boundary edge, smarting up the ground and giving it a stronger aesthetic appeal.

As we look to season 2016 we seek players who are committed to seeing the club move back to the strengths that saw it have three saturday sides and two T20 sides. On roll we have currently 25 players who are signed on to the club, this doesn’t mean that all of these players have played for the club this season though.

To build a side back we would need: 30-35 committed players available for Satuday cricket to enable us to field two strong Saturday cricket teams and 18-20 committed players to play evening cricket on a Wednesday in the T20 competition. All of this will be looked at in more detail at the end of this current season – but if you are interested in rising the Sharks from the darkest Oceans – then please get in touch.

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